Who we are CongoInThePicture is a pact of poverty eradication in the Democratic Republic of Congo in all its forms. It is a convention aimed at completing sustainable development in response to the root causes of poverty in the DRC. Our works refer to the three pillars of sustainable development, such like economic, ecological and social, in order to restore hope to the population who are suffering of poverty.

Our mission is to fight the root causes of poverty in Eastern Congo conflict-affected regions, by initiating projects focusing on following core areas:  

  • We advance and strengthen Peace, democracy and governance
  • We advocate for Gender equity
  • We use ICT for an open information access and defend internet
  • We increase social understanding and promote peace and social cohesion through Culture
  • Social enterprise,

  Background After decades of incessant civil war, the democratic republic of Congo is facing new realities: disasters and shocks caused by the wasting of hope related to poverty, economic and social uncertainties, are occurring more frequently and chronic stresses are lasting longer.   Political uncertainty and the lack of communication between the population and its political leaders undermine this democratic transition and governance so much desired by the international community in general and the local community in particular.   The security challenges in eastern Congo, the fruit of the sharp lack of economic tools to provide employment for young people, led to the recruitment in various armed and militia groups.   We are convinced that the future of Congolese society ought to stand in three dimensions:

  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Economically sustainable
  • Socially sustainable

  In a country where protracted crisis have become the new norm, the most vulnerable are hit hardest.   It is within the framework of bringing an ad hoc solution to the crises that the existence of CongoInThePicture is founded.