CFP: CongoInThePicture Film Project

CFP is a space for promotes cross-cultural understanding and sustainable development through cinema. We focus on film documentaries that evoke local challenges related to peace and security, environment, music and arts, democracy and governance.


We also carry local ideas to wide audience spectrum and help local stories take a flight to new phase.


Since 2013, CFP funded four films from Kinshasa and is always committed to support new ideas thanks to every one’s support.


Following are film projects supported by CongoInThePicture since 2013:


  1. Le Malfaiteur I (The Evildoer)      

  2. Le Malfaiteur II
  3. Qui Est Riche (Whom Is Rich) 

  4. Talent Latent (Latent Talent) it haven’t yet published to public view


CongoInThePicture Film Project CFP is designed in the framework of pact assigned by CongoInThePicture whose consists of ending poverty and achieving sustainable development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in its cultural approach.


CFP uses cinema because it believe that the latter is among cutting- edge factors that enable it providing new orientations that lead to sustainable development in the DR Congo and also use the cross-cultural understanding like one of key remedies to peace in eastern Congo regions devastated by incessant conflicts.


CongoInThePicture is also a TV Magazine that promotes local music and cinema artists. The Magazine talk about recent development in local music and cinema industry while paying particular attention to underground actors and professionals who haven’t yet got any media coverage.


Here is on of TV Magazines we produced in Kinshasa:

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