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Congo International Film Festival, CIFF, which was held in Goma, North Kivu province, had completed the organizer, the partners and all the festival-goers who attended. This International Film Festival, the oldest Film Festival in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was first launched in 2006 and this year we are now in its twelfth edition.


This CIFF is organized every year to promote and encourage young people who work in Congolese art and culture. He had organized several different activities for nine days, from Saturday 08 to Sunday 16 July 2017. Screenings of the MUGABO films by Amelia UMUHIRE of Rwanda and PEER GYNT by Michel ROBBERECHT from Belgium and the Fashion Contests between expatriates and nationals in first day.


The second day was followed by the screenings of the web series, documentary films from here and elsewhere, the dance competition that had opposed nine groups. Two first groups won a prize of $ 500 and $ 300. The third day was devoted to workshops on Citizen Journalism. This workshop was about sharing knowledge around which a man can convey vital information without being a journalist by profession.


 On the menu he also had workshops on Copyright, Panel on Art and Human Rights as well as Film and Series screenings. The fourth day was followed by Masterclass with Women on Power and narration in Web serie and Screenings of Films. The fifth day was a bit special in Workshop on Photography, Theater Show and the Tale and poetry around the Fire as our ancestors did. Masterclass on Cinema, Round Table on Cultural Economics and Networking and Film Screenings in several public squares of the city were on the menu of the sixth, seventh and eighth day.


The ninth and final day of the Festival was marked by the photo shoot, the dance and the poetry before the competition of the selected films. Nine films were screened one after the other. Seven filmmakers from Goma, a lady from Canada and a Kinshasa filmmaker who won the Best Film Award in the 12th Edition with her SOS Film, which talks about the socio-political situation prevailing in DR Congo in general and in Kinshasa in particular. Mr. Tshoper KABAMBI, the winner of the trophy, who was absent from the Festival for work reasons, was represented by his friend Justin KASEREKA, who won the trophy from YOLE AFRICA’s Artistic Director, Petna NDALIKO.


The twelfth edition of the International Film Festival in the Congo was organized by YOLE AFRICA, a center for artistic creation and cultural exchange that supervises young people in Cinema, Photography, Painting, Plastic Art, Music and dance for fifteen years now. A Cinema for the Congo wants a good wind in this space which works day and night for the promotion of Congolese youth and which defends the African values.



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