FESTICAM, a new Cultural Festival in Congo

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Last September and October, CongoInThePicture organized Cultural events in Uvira in the province of South Kivu. The aim of these events was to reap the desideratas of the population so that each year that one can manage to organize the festivals for the peace and the social cohesion finally to promote and to exchange the culture between the people.

From September 21 to October 9, the organization CIP organized cultural events in the framework of the promotion of peace and democracy to ensure social cohesion in the territory of Uvira and its surroundings through projects Cultural exchanges, the use of new technologies as well as projects for the promotion of women’s rights.

Regards to the positive impact of these events and the enthusiasm of the local citizens, CongoInThePicture decided to create a whole autonomous cultural program called FESTICAM (Festival Culturel Amani Maendeleo) which means Peace and Development Cultural Festival.

Festival Objective

The main objective of this festival is to bring together the people of South Kivu and its surroundings, to consolidate peace and social cohesion and finally to promote and exchange culture between the people

FESTICAM envisions:

  1. to spreading peace together in order to build a better life than before by finding suitable solutions for the running of our dear province.
  2.  to raise common voices  with the people of the Great Lakes countries for peace ad development  through initiatives that unites our peoples.
  3. Transforming Eastern Congo in a livable region that deserves a particular attention like other overseas developed regions.
  4. etc.

Our values are:

Building together: we believe that a better future depends on us all and that we must work together to build it.
Entrepreneurship: We believe that the dynamism and spirit of innovation are important for the development and prosperity of the region.
Leadership: We also believe that after building and undertaking, we must preserve what we have achieved with a minimum of common sense not only for us but also and especially for those who will come afterwards.
Environmental protection: we believe that collective and individual well-being requires everyone’s commitment to cleanliness and the protection of nature.
Self-giving: to fully live up to the four previous values, we believe that the meaning of sacrifice and volunteering are indispensable. Thus, any natural or legal person, from the region or elsewhere must make a gesture of heart for the realization of this project and it will begin with you.

CongoInThePicture invite any imminet partner to join the idea a spread peace together in the name of peace and development in the democratic republic of Congo.

For more informations on FESTICAM, please download the folder attached to the link below


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